Who She Is…


I first came to PGB in February 2014. I was looking for a fun way to workout, get fit and make new friends.

I co-teach beginners boxing that teaches the basic fundamentals of a traditional PGB class, such as proper stance, the 1-8 punches and defensive moves. I also co-teach the Couch to 5k, which offers tips and techniques to run a 5k with minimal walking. I also teach a strength and rehab session Thursday before tabata.

What She Loves…

I love when our club comes together for great and meaningful causes such as the ALS Ice water bucket challenge and the Mariah's Challenge half marathon.


I love to help women to enjoy fitness, and to help them achieve their personal best. I would like to work on strengthening my upper body and to work on running longer and faster.

What She Believes…

"Just Do It!" and It doesn't get easier, you get stronger! You only get one life, live it by having fun at something we need to do for ourselves anyways.

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