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Who She Is…

I first joined Pink Gloves Boxing in 2011. I was looking for a fun workout. I teach a Monday night class. My class usually starts with a bit higher intensity workout and finishes with combinations and tier work. My goals are to be as healthy as possible while enjoying my life. PGB gives me a place where I can workout and make lifetime friends.

What She Loves…

I enjoy being a trainer because you get to watch people transform into a version of themselves that they might not have known existed. Building a confidence within themselves that translates into the rest of their lives. The moments at PGB that mean the most to me are the times when you get to see people overcome their challenges. I love when you see the pride and sense of accomplishment in their smiles! I've seen a lot of these moments at this gym!!

What She Believes…

"Exercise is the most under utilized antidepressant" I want women to know that this is one of the best things they can do for themselves! It's fun, it's a great workout, it is great therapy! It clears your mind and fills your soul.


PC: MKate Photography

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