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Who She Is…

I came to the first C25K class in September 2013. I wanted to learn to run, and 6 months later I tried PGB Beginners with my friends' urging. Been here ever since then♥️ I teach beginners PGB sessions, including learning proper stance; fundamentals of the 10 basic moves that make up the Tier 1 combination; and getting acquainted with our gym and its culture. I lead noon and Thursday night variety workouts.

What She Loves…

It was a meaningful moment when Ronnie passed her trainer’s mitts on to me, because she is such an incredible person and an amazing coach. I knew you only received those mitts when someone acknowledges you have helped change their life. Being told you inspire your hero is priceless. I love meeting new people and showing them how welcoming and fun our gym is. When beginners get confidence and are excited  it makes me so happy!

What She Believes…

Yes it really is a great workout and we really do have fun together! Nobody will make fun of you, and nobody will punch you! This place and the people here are not like any gym you have been to before.

Argue for your limitations and you will get to keep them. (Richard Bach)

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